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At Natalie Herman Baby Sleep Consultancy we strive to empower parents to develop long lasting skills they need to settle their child to sleep.

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Every since Jasper was born, we wrestled with sleep. Although I expected very little sleep for the first few months, I expected that the night nursing would naturally stop and he would begin to sleep longer and by himself. But this did not happen. At one year old, he was still waking anywhere from every… Continue Reading»

When we bought our second daughter home earlier this year i was confident we knew what to expect. What i hadn’t realised at the time was our first born was actually a very adaptable baby, who took to routines and changes in routine very quickly. So when my second daughter proved to be a fussy eater… Continue Reading»

Working with Natalie was such a positive experience! We aprroached Natalie when our baby was 14 months. From birth, our baby was never a good sleeper, but we always figured that by the 1 year mark, he will naturally just sleep. When his 1 year birthday passed and he was still waking up 4-5 times… Continue Reading»

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